In the Works

Selected works in progress by Justin Taylor. Check back for updates.

Night Driving

Night Driving is both one road trip and twenty road trips in the lives of a bipolar man, Solar, and his mother, Gayle. It is grounded in the two actors in the car – a woman around 60 and a man around 30 – yet spirals narratively to capture the experience of bi-polar states. The actors depict a dozen other family members and lovers from their collective past, creating a portrait of a family tested by mental illness.


Nicolas, a French philosopher, moves to New York City to cure his depression by seeing the musical Oklahoma! as much as possible. But his imaginary (tor)mentor Jacques Derrida and a book reporter, Anne, attempt to turn Nicolas around with other means.

Forty-Five Minutes of Chainshaw Unicorns Fucking Will Be Ninety Minutes with No Intermission

Grutamard, the hunter, makes a journey through strange theatrical worlds to find the secret source of creativity and lust. He finds Wallaby, an overweight unicorn, looking for his long lost lover, a chickpea. He meets Barbara, a robot god and softball champion, who needs to make amends with her dying mother, a star, before she supernovas. Will these strange characters help Grutamard find the secret?

Prison Play

A series of scenes in the life of Sunrise Bay Prison, a fictional overseas prison that also produces pornography. The play is loosely centered on Gwen, the “Shirley Temple of x-vids”. Lenny, an older prisoner assigned to paint sex dolls, attempts to save Gwen from her terrible situation and help her find spiritual freedom. Brotoff, the warden and CEO of the prison, attempts stop them.